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Fitness During Pregnancy – Swimming

Many moms-to-be are uncertain about fitness and exercise options during pregnancy. You should speak with your doctor or Health Care Professional about the best exercises suitable during pregnancy.
Normally pregnant women who were used to exercising before they became pregnant are afraid to continue with their regular activities while those who normally did not exercise before they became pregnant are afraid to start something new at this precious time of their life.
But there are many different fitness regimes that are safe during pregnancy and perfect for all moms-to-be to do any time of the day. Swimming is known as one of the safest exercises during pregnancy.
Any type of aerobic exercise is beneficial during pregnancy as it helps increase your body’s ability to produce and utilize oxygen, which is important for both you and baby.
Although swimming is a low impact activity, it provides good cardiovascular benefits as it is raising your heart rate while not causing overheating. It also improves circulation, increases muscle tone and strength and builds endurance. Swimming helps to counteract the increased back strain you get during pregnancy due to your expanding stomach.
If you choose swimming as your pregnancy fitness activity, you will burn calories which will help to keep your weight at a healthy range, you will feel less fatigued, sleep better and are ready to handle the physical and emotional challenges that come with pregnancy.
You can swim throughout your pregnancy. It is recommended to swim for at least 20 minutes a day, as many days as possible a week. During the end of your pregnancy it might be more comfortable to do the breaststroke rather than lying on your back. This can ease your body and help you prepare for the birth of your newborn.
It can be said that swimming throughout your 9 months of pregnancy can help you along in many stages of your pregnancy and will not cause any harm to you or baby!