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Moms’ Concerns Mount About Chemicals in Baby Products

New research from WaterWipes reveals 93% of Moms worry about products that their baby’s skin; 75% don’t recognize baby wipe.

BOSTON, June 2, 2015


Becoming a new parent represents a dramatic change in the lives of expectant families. Moms and Dads worry about bathing, dressing, and feeding a tiny newborn, as well as struggle to adjust to the tremendous responsibility that comes with bringing a new life into the world.


Yet a new research study reveals that new Moms have more concerns than adjusting to new schedules or learning to change diapers on the go – they are also feeling anxious over the number of chemicals found in baby products, such as baby wipes, and worry about using products on their baby’s delicate skin that contain ingredients they can’t pronounce.

According to a study of more than 475 Moms with kids under the age of 5 conducted by WaterWipes, an Irish skin care and baby care products manufacturer, 93% of Moms worry about products that touch their baby’s skin. Moreover, 83% feel uncomfortable that the baby wipes they use contain unpronounceable ingredients, and 75% say they don’t know what these ingredients are.


“I have always believed that you shouldn’t put chemicals on your baby’s skin, if you don’t have to,” says Edward McCloskey, CEO of WaterWipes. “This was the impetus behind the development and launch of WaterWipes, the world’s only chemical-free baby wipes, which are made using only two ingredients: 99.9% water and a tiny droplet of fruit extract.”


Manufactured in Ireland, WaterWipes have been widely used for years in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and have become the best-selling and award-winning choice for Irish and UK Moms looking for all-natural baby wipes. Now, WaterWipes have become widely available in the United States, and U.S. Moms can find them at nearly 250 Babies “R” Us stores around the country.


With 72% of Moms concerned with the ingredients in baby wipes, the widespread availability of WaterWipes in the U.S. market can offer parents a real solution to growing concerns over the high number of chemicals in baby care products. In fact, 91% of Moms want products, such as baby wipes, to have fewer ingredients.


Moms find the use of chemicals in baby wipes even more troubling because they’ve become a go-to product for busy families. In addition to using baby wipes in conjunction with diaper changes – sometimes as frequently as 10 times per day – 93% of Moms use baby wipes to wash their child’s face, and 78% use them on an as-needed basis for other cleaning purposes. Moms reach for baby wipes when they need to gently clean their kids’ hands and faces before snack time or after a morning at the playground – and they want gentle, chemical-free products that they can feel confident using on kids’ delicate skin or on skin affected by eczema or related conditions.


“We know new Moms have so many concerns around the health and well-being of their babies and toddlers, and baby wipes should be the last thing they worry about,” says McCloskey. “After great success in other countries, WaterWipes is now enjoying a fantastically successful launch here in the United States. From now on, American Moms can buy WaterWipes at Babies “R” Us stores when buying other must-have baby items and can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using the world’s purest baby wipes. ”


With WaterWipes now widely available in the United States, Moms can buy two 60-packs of WaterWipes for $6 at select Babies “R” Us stores nationwide.


To obtain a copy of the research findings, please email Tracey Hope-Ross, SVP of Consumer Insights, at thopeross@influence-central.com.



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About WaterWipes


WaterWipes, a global Irish brand, are the world’s purest wipes and the only wipes in the world that are as gentle on your baby’s skin as pure water. Scientifically formulated to be as kind to delicate skin as cotton and water – but in a much more convenient format – the only ingredients used in WaterWipes are 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract … and that’s it. They can help avoid diaper rash and won’t irritate other sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. WaterWipes are now available in select Babies “R” Us stores nationwide. For more information, please go to www2.waterwipes.com/us.



About the Study


In April 2015, Mom Central Consulting surveyed a panel of 488 highly targeted Mothers who have a child under the age of 5, to more deeply illuminate key touch points in Moms’ purchase path and decision-making process as it pertains to attitudes around baby wipes. All respondents belong to the Mom Central Consulting Testing Panel. The extensive study was conducted, programmed, and analyzed by Mom Central Consulting’s Consumer Insights Group, headed by Tracey Hope-Ross.